Karoline Ott

My name is Karoline Ott; I am a 2018 Dallas Baptist University graduate, holding a Bachelor's in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. I'm a prolific writer and have been building my writing skills through various professional and volunteer endeavors since my teen years, a skill I use to help clients effectively share their stories. My enneagram number is 7, which, for those who aren't familiar, means I'm highly personable and thrive off of fast-paced environments that stimulate my creativity. I would love to contribute to a team that seeks improvement through innovative ideas. In my spare time, I enjoy reading classic novels, creating silly Buzzfeed quizzes, knitting, and consuming coffee.

Four Day Workweeks Won't Lead to Increased Productivity

There is a popular phenomenon that suggests giving workers a four-day workweek rather than a five-day workweek may produce higher quality, more motived employees. This conclusion is supported by decades of academic research showing how employees are often more effective in their work when given additional time off. While more time at home (and more productive hours when clocked in) sounds great to employers and employees, I can tell you firsthand as the CEO of a highly successful company that h

Learning to Live Life After the Death of My Daughter

September 8th, 1975 started out like any other Sunday. My husband Jonas and I were in the prime of life as a young couple parenting two precious girls. Living in a tight-knit community, we were surrounded by loving friends, our prayers were being answered and my life-long dream of living in a happy family was finally fulfilled. Little did I know that just as quickly as I slipped into a state of joyful married, mothering bliss, my zest for life would vanish in an instant when I experienced every

Do we need to raise patriotic children? I say yes, here's why

I’m a military wife and a Gold Star sister; you’d think that being patriotic would run in my kids’ veins. And you know what, it does, to an extent. I’m so proud of the way they respect their country and their flag; after all, it’s hard not to when you grow up seeing how patriotic both of your parents are. But even if I weren’t a military wife, even if my brother had never been killed in combat, I would still value instilling patriotism in my kids. Why? I cultivate a patriotic spirit in my kids

Ron Kitchens: I launched my first company at 19, now I’m a CEO. Here’s my advice for new college grads

How did I get to be a 19-year-old business owner after being told by my own guidance counselor that my best bet was to become a furniture mover? By not letting the labels of the world define me. From an early age, I was told to set my expectations low. I was poor, fatherless and dyslexic. My school counselor advised me not to pursue college, but I have never been one to give up. I proved her wrong by getting accepted to a good school.

Yes, Some Campuses Continue To Protect Free Speech

Yes, Some Campuses Continue To Protect Free Speech Too many public universities continue to restrict campus free speech, and private universities are buckling under the pressure to fit in with this latest trend in higher education. Just last year, Middlebury came under fire when they re-evaluated their free speech policies after a visit from Charles Murray enraged leftist students, who took violent measures to shut him down, lest he express views more controversial than what they are taught in